Vein & Capillary Treatment

• Diminishes Appearance of Spider Veins & Capillaries

• Operates with Pinpoint Accuracy

• Can Be Used on Various Areas of the Body

• Requires Little Downtime

Vein & Capillary Treatment

The appearance of veins can be unsightly for a lot of people. Self-consciousness over spider veins, broken capillaries, and other lesions can be a real mood killer at any time of year, but especially during shorts and tank top weather. Vasculaze is a revolutionary noninvasive laser treatment that can help alleviate a wide variety of vein issues. We proudly feature this vein and capillary treatment for people in Knoxville and East Tennessee at Culture Aesthetics & Wellness.

How does Vasculaze work?

Vasculaze has a specially designed applicator that pinpoints the precise veins of concern. Pulses of light are administered to these veins, targeted the hemoglobin and damaging the pigment in the vein. When the veins are not able to carry blood, the blood will then be rerouted to another healthy vein and the treated veins will slowly fade and disappear. For that reason, Vasculaze is great for helping prevent the need for incisions and needles to treat vascular lesions.

What causes unsightly veins?

Vascular lesions can be the result of several factors, such as family history or genetics, a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, prolonged standing, weight gain, pregnancy, and the natural aging process. These lesions can appear long and bulging or smaller and shorter (spider veins).

What kind of veins/lesions can Vasculaze treat?

Vasculaze can be very effective at treating the following:

  •     Facial veins
  •     Spider veins
  •     Port wine stains
  •     Smaller Leg veins
  •     Telangiectasias 
  •     Angiomas

While it’s great for addressing these concerns, Vasculaze is not intended to treat varicose veins as they are typically larger and require other treatment methods.

Which areas of the body can Vasculaze be used to treat?

Vasculaze can treat vascular concerns on the face, décolletage, arms, upper thighs, back of thighs, and lower legs.

Am I a candidate for treatment with Vasculaze?

If you’re looking for a noninvasive treatment to address vascular lesions, then Vasculaze may be your new best friend. Vasculaze is appropriate for all skin types and can even be combined with other treatment options to address a combination of skin issues such as pigmentation, rosacea, and texture concerns.

Will I need any downtime after treatment with Vasculaze?

Vasculaze is typically a quick in-office procedure taking only a few minutes per session, depending on how extensive the vein or vein network is. After your treatment is done, you can get right back to most of your regular activities. We do recommend that you avoid heavy exercise, hot baths, or rubbing the treatment area for about a week following treatment. Also, sunscreen should be used for three to four weeks after your session.

How many treatments with Vasculaze will I need?

In many cases, three sessions typically deliver desired results. But some lesions may require more, depending on the size and number of veins treated. Gradual improvements are often seen after the first treatment, with the skin looking clearer as treatments progress. We’ll evaluate your individual concerns at your consultation and develop a treatment plan to meet your personal aesthetic goals.

What’s my next step to vein treatment in Knoxville with Vasculaze?

Unsightly spider veins, broken capillaries, and other lesions don’t have to rob you of the complexion you deserve. Call Culture Aesthetics & Wellness today at (865) 500-0101 to set up a consultation or click here to book online. We’ll go over all the details of the amazing Vasculaze treatment and help you decide if it’s your ticket to clear, beautiful skin.