Portrait of Esthetician Stefanie Hudson, with Culture Aesthetics and Wellness in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Stefanie Hudson


Stefanie comes to us from the wonderful world of dermatology and has been in the beauty biz since 2020. At Culture, she prides herself on providing services such as dermaplaning, the DiamondGlo Facial, microneedling, and our ever-popular Glo2Facial, among other popular options.

Born and raised in Maryville and currently residing in LaFollette, Stefanie is an East Tennessee girl through and through. Growing up, she played basketball throughout middle and high schools. But she also had big aspirations of running her own hotel in Hawaii someday. Thankfully for us, she decided to keep it here in Tennessee and first try her hand at working for a dermatology practice instead.

Though she started out on the office side of things, she absolutely fell in love with skin care and has never looked back. Being a self-proclaimed people person certainly didn’t hurt in setting her on a new career path either.

“One of my biggest things is I really enjoy working with people,” she said.

Stefanie followed her new dream by attending the Tennessee School of Beauty in Knoxville and acquiring all the skills for helping people feel great about themselves. She particularly fell in love with chemical peels and microneedling for their ability to produce consistently beautiful results.

Thanks in part to her friendship with Erica Oakes’ sister, Stefanie found herself in the treatment chair at Culture soon enough. That set things in motion for what was to come.

“I came to get my lips done by Erica and we ended up chatting quite a bit about my career goals,” Stefanie said. “The next week, Leila [Beyer] called me and asked if I’d like to come in. We sat down and talked, and then I came in to shadow one day. They called me that same day and asked if I’d like to come on board.”

Stefanie delights in working with clients to produce the beautiful results that have them going back out into the world with the kind of confidence they’re meant to have.

“Being able to have someone sit in your chair for a treatment and leave feeling so much better about themselves because you’ve helped them fix an issue they’re self-conscience about is just wonderful to be a part of,” she said. “That’s what I love.”

With that notion being the overall collective goal here at Culture, Stefanie certainly fits right in.

“Everyone here is super kind and open,” Stefanie said. “There’s no competition here. They all want me to succeed and vice versa. That’s such a big positive. We all have the same goals. It’s just been really refreshing.”

While there are many stories of successful outcomes under Stefanie’s belt, one story of a newly widowed woman definitely sticks out in her mind.

“I had a patient who had cared for her husband for the past three years and she hadn’t done anything for herself, nails or anything,” she said. “She came in for a treatment and we had a great bond. She cried and told me about her husband. Being able to obviously help people look better is great, but that was kind of like a therapy session. Being able to lift her up after her husband passed was incredible.”

Stefanie relishes in the collaborative environment at Culture where learning new techniques from each other is always encouraged.

In her free time, Stefanie and her husband spend as much time as they can with their young son. Other than that, she enjoys anything related to fitness, the outdoors, and reading.

To schedule an appointment with Stefanie, call us today at (865) 500-0101 or book online by clicking here.