Vaginal Rejuvenation

• Nonsurgical Tightening of the Vagina

• Strengthens the Pelvic Floor

• Helps Relieve Urinary Incontinence

• Can Improve External Cosmetic Appearance

Vaginal Rejuvenation Knoxville

Attention ladies who’ve had a baby, gone through menopause, or are experiencing issues in the bedroom due to vaginal changes – these issues don’t have to be a part of your reality anymore! At Culture Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer an effective, nonsurgical treatment option that’s helping women all over East Tennessee achieve vaginal rejuvenation, get relief from urinary incontinence, add some zest back to their sex lives, and feel more confident overall. Votiva is a revolutionary feminine health treatment that can provide amazing results without surgery or downtime!

What is Votiva?

Votiva is an FDA-approved noninvasive treatment for labia and vaginal tightening/rejuvenation that can address both internal and external vaginal health issues without surgery. Whether caused by loss of elastin and collagen due to age, physical trauma associated with childbirth, or reduced estrogen from menopause, vaginal issues affect millions of women worldwide. Votiva combats these issues by utilizing radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the vagina walls and pelvic floor to provide relief from sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and a host of other concerns. The radiofrequency energy helps stimulate your own collagen production for gradual vaginal improvement.

Am I a candidate for treatment with Votiva?

You may be a good candidate for this amazing nonsurgical treatment if you’re a woman experiencing the following:

  •     Elasticity loss resulting in a wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva
  •     Loosened vaginal canal (especially following childbirth)
  •     Low blood flow
  •     Vaginal sensitivity/dryness
  •     Discomfort/pain caused by enlarged labia
  •     Loss of interest in sex
  •     Decreased self-esteem
  •     Urinary stress incontinence 

We’ll discuss all your concerns in a private consultation and help you decide if Votiva is right for you.

What is the treatment like? Does Votiva hurt?

During treatment, a skilled technician carefully inserts Votiva’s radiofrequency tip into your vagina where it then delivers a series of energy pulses to stimulate the vaginal tissues. You can expect to feel a gentle warming sensation during this process. Depending on your individual needs, treatment can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. While some women may experience slight discomfort during and immediately after the treatment due to vaginal dryness or sensitivity, some don’t experience discomfort at all. There is little to no downtime required afterwards, but you will need to refrain from sex, bathtubs, pools, and hot tubs for 72 hours after treatment.

When will I see the results from treatment with Votiva?

Many women say they experience improvement in as little as one treatment session. Radiofrequency treatments tend to work more quickly with women who have a normal or higher rate of natural collagen production. Women who have a slower production often need more sessions to experience results. 

In many cases, quality results should be experienced within about two to three weeks after your first treatment. You’ll likely feel an increase in vaginal tightening and notice an improved appearance of external tissues. Many women benefit from about three treatment sessions. More or less may be needed, however, depending on your situation. We’ll work with you to develop a customized treatment plan just for you at your private consultation.

How long do results from Votiva last?

Every woman is different, so the length of time your results last will depend on your individual body chemistry and lifestyle. Many women report enjoying up to 18 months of vaginal rejuvenation, at which time touch-up treatments can be administered if you so choose.

What’s my next step to vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva in Knoxville?

Don’t suffer in silence with vaginal issues any longer! Call us at (865) 500-0101 or click here to book your private consultation online today. Our knowledgeable, caring staff will gladly answer all your questions and help you determine if Votiva is right for you.