Tarah Brooke

Laser Specialist

Tarah Brooke is someone who loves engaging with people. Her personality puts you at ease almost immediately, and within minutes, you’re not talking to a friend.

Tarah is our laser specialist here at Culture Aesthetics and Wellness offering laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, laser skin peels, and much more. 

She also does specialty laser-based treatments, such as VOTIVA, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that helps resolve bladder leakage issues. She also performs Vtone treatments, which can provide the toning of 13 weeks of pelvic floor exercises in just six weeks’ time. 

And there’s little need to advertise her services; the vast majority of her patients come from referrals from other patients. They like Tarah that much.

“Much of what I do requires addressing patients’ most intimate areas. They have to trust me. And that’s why I work so hard to make sure that they’re comfortable with me and with our procedures. I’m very protective of them.” 

That’s probably why patients invite Tarah to their family celebrations and why a number of them show up for Tarah’s own birthday parties.

Tarah’s personality and care for people led to her career. She was a stay-at-home mom who was recruited to become a laser specialist, because her personality and ease with people stood out so much.

As someone noted, “The most beautiful flowers get picked first.” 

Tarah is certified by Inmode, a premier laser manufacturer, and the National Laser Institute. 

She has treated thousands of patients. She recalled several who made an impression on her. 

“There’s one patient who has PCOS, and has hair growth on her face. When she saw the difference after her first laser treatment, she became very emotional and excited. That’s rewarding.”