Chemical Peels

• Peels Away Skin Imperfections

• Diminishes the Signs of Aging

• Reveals Healthier, Smoother Skin

• Customizable to Treat Virtually All Skin Types

Chemical Peels

Get ready to “peel” away the lackluster layers that are standing between you and radiant skin. That’s what chemical peels are all about! These effective, noninvasive aesthetic treatments have been a beauty favorite of people throughout the world for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, and all-around dull skin. Chemical peel solutions can be customized for your individual skin needs, so they can be a great treatment option for people of all skin types, tones, and textures. Culture Aesthetics & Wellness proudly features a variety of options for chemical peels in Knoxville.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels live up to their name by utilizing a special chemical solution to “peel” away the superficial outer layers of your skin and reveal newer, healthier skin just below the surface. The applied solution contains varying ingredients designed to gently penetrate the dull outer layers of skin (at different depths depending on your specific needs) and eventually causing them to fall off. As those layers are exfoliated, the outer imperfections are diminished and a more glowing complexion is brought out.

Am I a candidate for a chemical peel in Knoxville?

Basically, if a brighter, healthier complexion is on your wish list, then a chemical peel may be right up your alley. Chemical peel seekers are often concerned with the following skin conditions:

  •     Signs of aging, such as fine lines & wrinkles
  •     Acne
  •     Mild scarring from acne or injury
  •     Hyperpigmentation (melasma & other dark spots) 
  •     Enlarged pores
  •     Rough skin
  •     Scaly patches 
  •     Dull complexion

We’ll go over your specific skin concerns at your consultation and make sure a chemical peel is your ticket to the skin you’ve been dreaming of.

What can I expect during a chemical peel?

First things first, we’ll thoroughly cleanse your skin to get rid of any dirt or oil that you may not even be aware is there. Once your skin is all pristine clean, we’ll apply the specialized peel solution that best suits your skin type and specific concerns. Once the solution starts working its magic, you’ll likely experience some tingling or even a little numbness depending on the solution that’s best for your situation. When the solution has had some time to really soak in and do its thing, we’ll wash it off and send you on your way with instructions on how to take care of your skin at home. In most cases, your skin will typically peel over the course of about three to seven days. When it’s all said and done, be prepared to relish in the beautiful results!

What results can I expect from my chemical peel?

Your individual results will depend on the specific peel you choose (which we’ll help with that to make sure you get the most bang for your buck), but you’ll likely enjoy a younger-looking, more radiant complexion once all those dull layers are peeled away. These beautiful results generally last for about two to six months, especially if you do your part to take care of your skin the right way at home. We’ll make sure you know just what to do in that sense.

Do chemical peels hurt?

Any discomfort from a chemical peel is usually very mild and tolerated well by most people. Your skin will likely appear red or flushed (like a mild sunburn) for several days after your peel. We recommend you apply sunscreen regularly in the days and weeks after your peel if you plan on being outside for any length of time at all. You’ll definitely not want to skimp on that part!

What’s my next step in getting a chemical peel in Knoxville?

Consider the team at Culture Aesthetics & Wellness as your chemical peel experts. We’d love to share more with you about the amazing benefits this treatment can provide. Call us at (865) 500-0101 or click here to book your consultation online and be on your way to the glowing skin you deserve!