Pigmentation & Redness Treatment

• Reduces Redness & Pigmentation Issues

• Evens Out Skin Tone

• Can Reduce Signs of Aging

• Nonsurgical with No Downtime

Sun damage, redness, pigmentation issues, and uneven tone are just a handful of skin concerns that many of us face as we get older. If you’re dealing with any of these and searching for a solution in Knoxville, then allow us to show you the “light” at the end of the tunnel…intense pulsed light (or IPL) to be exact. IPL treatments can be great for tackling a multitude of skin concerns and improving your complexion with the noninvasive power of light.

What do IPL treatments do?

IPL (often referred to as a photofacial) is a noninvasive laser light treatment designed to target sun damage, hyperpigmentation, redness (rosacea), and many other skin conditions. IPL features a bright light that passes through the epidermis and draws out your skin’s pigment-producing cells to break them up and improve skin tone. Treatments can be performed on several areas of the body and are considered safe for many different skin types and tones.

How do IPL treatments work?

A trained IPL specialist will use a handheld device that will emit multiple wavelengths of light into a targeted area of your skin to break up pigment producing cells just below the surface. The light energy gently converts to heat, which destroys the melanin producing cells responsible for discoloration spots. These spots are essentially pulled to the surface and removed by the body naturally to reveal a more even, healthier complexion.

Who is a good candidate for IPL treatment?

If you’re concerned with redness, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and the early signs of aging, then IPL treatments may be just what the doctor ordered. It can be an effective treatment to address several concerns that may be robbing you of your glow. At Culture Aesthetics & Wellness, we’ll discuss your concerns and help you decide if IPL treatments will be best to meet your beauty goals.

What are the specific skin issues that IPL treatments can improve?

IPL treatments have helped people everywhere with a laundry list of unwanted skin issues, including but not limited to:

  •       Redness/rosacea
  •       Sun damage 
  •       Melasma
  •       Uneven skin tone
  •       Acne scars
  •       Hyperpigmentation (brown or age spots)
  •       Stretch marks
  •       Spider veins
  •       Mild to moderate fine lines & wrinkles
  •       And more!

What areas of the body can be treated with IPL?

Even though it’s often called a photofacial, IPL treatments have shown promise in treating several areas of the body. At Culture, the most common areas we use IPL are the face (both full & partial), décolletage, and hands. But we can treat other areas if needed.

What results can I expect after my IPL treatment?

IPL treatments typically produce gradual improvement. For treatments to the face, most people notice improvement in about a week to 10 days. Other areas of the body may take about six to eight weeks for results to show. A series of treatments are often recommended to achieve the amazing results you’re probably looking for. We’ll go over what’s best for you at your consultation.

Will I need any downtime after my IPL treatment?

It’s a totally noninvasive treatment, so you can go on with your day as soon as your session is done. But keep in mind that your skin is most likely going to be red and maybe even a little tender for several hours afterward (kind of like having a mild to moderate sunburn). This usually subsides within about 24 hours. In the week after your treatment, you’ll need to limit sun exposure and make sure to wear sunscreen daily.

What’s my next step to IPL treatments in Knoxville?

Ready for a complexion you can be proud of? Then look no further than Culture Aesthetics & Wellness for your IPL treatment. Simply give us a call at (865) 500-0101 or click here to schedule your free consultation today and be on your way to beautiful skin!