Leila Beyer

Leila Beyer

Owner/Practice Manager

Having lived in Knoxville her entire life, Leila Beyer’s love of her hometown eventually morphed into a desire to offer something that she believes Knoxville hasn’t seen before – an elegant, full-service medical aesthetics and wellness spa providing the people of East Tennessee sought-after services right in their back yard. That dream was realized with the creation of Culture Aesthetics & Wellness, of which Leila is a proud partner and Practice Manager. But her journey to her beloved role of today didn’t unfold in a straight line, per se. 

After graduating West High School (where she was heavily involved in soccer), Leila attended University of Tennessee to study biology and pursue her childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist. To this day, dolphins are still her favorite animal. She earned her Bachelor of Science in biology but admits she struggled after college at first as far as which direction to take in life. 

One of Leila’s connections through a job at the time led to a position at Travelers Insurance, which she’ll tell you was her first “big girl” job. After nearly five years working in sales, Leila realized she wanted more out of her career, especially with more of a customer service component. When an opportunity with a plastic surgery practice in the Knoxville area came about, Leila jumped at the chance…though she admits she knew nothing about the industry in those early days. 

“I knew nothing about aesthetics,” she recalled. “I had not had Botox® or anything when I first started. My initial thought was that I was too young. I was 28 at the time. I thought it was something that would be more for people who had children, that were older than me, or had problem skin. I slowly began to realize that it’s much easier to prevent rather than correct.”

That realization quickly led to Leila changing her tune on aesthetics. She even got her first Botox injection within the first three months at her new position. Her eyes were undeniably opened to all the possibilities and great impact aesthetics can have in someone’s life. 

“Once you immerse yourself into that world and actually talk to people and start to educate yourself on why you do these things, you realize it’s not just a vanity thing,” Leila said. “It’s actually preventative medicine and anti-aging. There are definitely different properties that make you change your mind on that.”

Leila continued to gain valuable insight into the world of aesthetics through her managerial role at the plastic surgery practice. After 12 years, however, she knew it was time to move on with new aspirations. Those aspirations ended up perfectly aligned with a handful of other professionals who felt like the Knoxville area was missing something. Long story short, Culture Aesthetics & Wellness was born from that notion.

“We just had a dream of a place where we could bring some of the best providers together and show Knoxville something it hadn’t seen before,” Leila said. “We want to be a one-stop shop for all things aesthetics and wellness. Our providers that have come on have that same vision. That’s how we ended up bringing everyone together, the same ambition and the same drive.”

Working with such a driven, like-minded team absolutely makes for a wonderful work environment. But at the end of the day, the clients are what make it all worthwhile. 

“You get to see everybody after their treatment and you get to talk about it,” Leila said. “You get to talk about what you’ve had done personally and encourage them that what they’re going through is exactly what you went through. The thing that makes me so happy are the people who come in with something they see about themselves that they’re not happy with. We can turn that around for them, and it changes their perception of themselves.”

Leila is a self-proclaimed people pleaser, so the beautiful, customizable outcomes offered at Culture make it a true joy for her day after day. And now, the people of Knoxville have a front row seat for all the exciting things currently offered as well as what’s just on the horizon. 

“It just makes me happy to be able to provide all of the different options that we can for patients at the right price points,” Leila said. “I also love the science behind it and the fact that it keeps getting better and better. The devices and the products that come out are providing better, faster results with no surgery and less downtime. I love that whole aspect of this industry. Through Culture, we’re bringing education, innovation, and products to Knoxville faster.”

Leila emphasizes that Culture is a place for healthcare both inside and out, from skin care to aesthetic injections to multiple aspects of wellness. From topical to inside, Leila says Culture has you covered.

When she isn’t making sure the practice is running like a well-oiled machine, Leila and her husband stay busy with their two young boys. In fact, she jokes that she’s turned into something she never thought she’d be – a busy baseball mom.

“Right now, it’s ruling our lives, but I actually love it and have a great time,” Leila laughed.

If not at the ballfield, Leila can be found at the lake, traveling, or with her nose in a good book.

To get to know Leila better or to make an appointment with the providers at Culture, call us today at (865) 500-0101 or simply click here to book online.