Led by trainer and master injector, Erica Oakes, RN, CANS (@nurseinjector_erica)

• Workshops designed for injectors of all levels, whether beginner to intermediate as well as advanced.

• Learn new techniques, advance your skill level and confidence as a skilled provider to the aesthetics industry.

• Certificate courses, shadowings and workshops available.


Promoting beauty and wellness through the treatments we provide is what Culture is all about…whether that be for the betterment of our wonderful patients or sharing the love and knowledge with other providers. In fact, education and training are huge passions for Culture co-founder and master injector Erica Oakes. 


Erica’s goal is to help you achieve the greatest results for your clients through this expert training platform that features certificate courses, shadowing opportunities, and interactive workshops. That’s why she created CAMA, a unique and comprehensive training platform for helping other medical aesthetic providers become the best they can be in the industry.She’d love the chance to be a part of helping guide you on your professional journey of making your clients look and feel the beautiful they deserve to be.Learn more about the wonderful opportunities through CAMA by clicking here..