Susanna Fisher

Susanna Fisher

Client Coordinator

Our Client Coordinator Susanna Fisher is the first smiling face you’ll see when you come for your Culture appointment. With her infectious, positive personality and enthusiasm for all things aesthetics, there’s no better person for this front-and-center role.

A Tennessee girl through and through, Susanna was born and raised in Knoxville and spent much of her youth as a competitive dancer…all the way up to being a member of the BOSS Dance Company affiliated with the University of Tennessee.

On the academic side of things, she majored in psychology at UT, so it’s safe to say she didn’t start out with aspirations of venturing into aesthetics. But a chance meeting with Culture founders, Erica Oakes and Leila Beyer, thanks to her uncle, Paul McCurry, M.D., (one of Culture’s medical directors) changed all that.

“We just hit it off right away,” Susanna said. “I was really inspired by their vision to create Culture and was super interested in being a part of it. They asked me if I wanted to work at the front desk as client coordinator. Once I got into it, I absolutely loved it. The anatomy and the science are so interesting.”

Susanna truly delights in her daily duties at Culture, which includes answering phone calls, getting patients scheduled, taking care of their questions, checking patients in and out, promoting the Alle Rewards Program, and assisting her team wherever she can.

“I love being around all of these girls,” Susanna said of her revered Culture team. “We have become such good friends. It’s the best group to spend all day everyday with. We all get along so well, and we have a lot of different personalities that just mix perfectly somehow. We try very hard to extend that onto our clients and really make them feel like friends.”

Not only does the team effortlessly make you feel like a member of the family, but they also have all the knowledge and skill to deliver sought-after results and stay on top of an ever-changing industry, as Susanna proudly points out.

“I think everyone I work with is so smart and so advanced in their specific field,” she said. “I learn something new about the industry every single day. There is just so much information to learn. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and stay ahead of the advancements in the industry. It’s a constantly evolving field, so it’s so important to stay updated on everything and always be learning new techniques. I love that we stay on top of that.”

In addition to loving her team and all of Culture’s treatment options, Susanna’s favorite part of her job is seeing the excitement on patients’ faces.

“When the patients come out of the treatment rooms, I can instantly see how much better they feel about themselves,” she said. “You just see such a difference from when they walk in versus when they walk out. It’s so wonderful to see how confident they are.”

Susanna explains that a lot of first timers may be a bit anxious when they come in for treatment, but a valuable aspect of the staff at Culture is that pretty much everyone has firsthand knowledge of the treatments to help put patients truly at ease as far as what to expect.

“We have experienced all of our treatments ourselves, so we can explain exactly what the process will be as well as be upfront and honest about what pain level they may expect from whatever treatment they’re receiving,” she said. “We’re really into making sure we’ve tried everything and we know the ins and outs of all of our different procedures.”

Susanna’s love for aesthetics has even turned into a new career ambition that she’s immensely excited about – becoming a skilled injector like her dear friends, Erica Oakes and Erica Grinnell.

“It’s actually led me to start working towards getting my nursing degree,” Susanna said. “I aspire to becoming an aesthetic injector in a few years.”

When she’s not rocking her duties at Culture, Susanna spends as much time as she can with her family, which includes several cousins and her beloved dogs and cats.

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