Being confident can unlock many opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. One of the most notable is developing stronger relationships, whether they be romantic or professional.

It may surprise you to learn that approximately 60% of adult women have a negative body image. Situations like these can substantially impact your mental health.

If traditional weight loss efforts don’t meet your needs, there’s a chance you can benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We’ve written a brief guide on the best HRT for weight loss you can take advantage of. Let’s explore the key information you should know.

How Hormones Affect Body Weight

Many people are unaware that your hormone levels dictate nearly all your body’s functions. To clarify, they’re essential for proper growth and development, sleep, and mood regulation.

In some situations, hormonal imbalances can cause high blood pressure, decreased bone mass, and insulin resistance. As women age, the hormones responsible for maintaining their body weight begin to decrease.

This makes it exceedingly difficult to get rid of unwanted body fat. The waist and belly are common areas of concern.

Hormones to Consider

Before beginning hormone replacement therapy, it’s essential to understand the relationship between certain hormones and weight. From here, you can determine the best course of action. Listed below are some of the most notable.


Your body is much less efficient at burning fat if you have high insulin levels. This makes you more prone to storing fat instead.

If you have above-average insulin resistance, your body will produce more insulin than normal. This will eventually lead to weight gain and excess fat storage in areas like the stomach and thighs.


Although many people think of testosterone as a male hormone, it’s still present in female bodies. Testosterone is crucial for preventing abdominal fat storage. If your test levels get too low, you’ll likely have increased insulin resistance and sugar cravings.


One of estrogen’s primary jobs is regulating glucose and determining where body fat is stored. Women with low estrogen typically find that they have increased belly fat even if they don’t gain fat in other places. Most women who have difficulty losing weight also have issues with their estrogen levels.


Cortisol is the primary hormone that allows your body to handle stress. Rising cortisol levels typically lead to weight gain, which is why it’s so important to minimize stress in your life.

Cortisol can also increase your appetite, particularly for greasy, sweet, or salty foods. This leads to “stress eating,” which involves people binging on unhealthy foods when undergoing large amounts of stress.


Progesterone itself doesn’t directly affect your body weight. However, if there’s an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, you’ll be more likely to retain fluid. This creates a bloated appearance that many women find unsightly.

The Best HRT for Weight Loss

The best option will depend on various factors. These include how much weight you need to lose, your baseline hormone levels, and your medical history.

Your doctor will help you determine the most appropriate course of action. As long as you visit a reputable facility, you shouldn’t have issues reaching your goals.

How HRT Works

As the name implies, this process aims to improve insufficient levels of certain hormones. The nuances of your treatment will depend on the doctor you work with and how low your current levels are.

A blood test can provide information about areas of concern. There are multiple ways to administer HRT. Some patients apply a hormone gel to their skin so their body can absorb it.

Others use oral tablets. In some cases, your doctor will administer hormone injections to help you alleviate your symptoms.

Best Practices

On its own, HRT won’t help you overcome your weight issue. It will be a powerful tool, but you’ll still need to adjust your lifestyle.

It’s imperative to have a proper diet and workout regimen to maintain a healthy body weight. Cardio is an amazing way to lose weight due to how many calories you burn.

If you find cardio exercises boring, consider playing a sport. Many people find that competitive athletic activity helps them forget they’re even doing cardio. However, there’s something to be said about the impact strength training has on the body.

Lifting weights can help you burn more fat as long as you do so appropriately. If you have issues handling weights, start with bodyweight exercises instead. You can gradually transition to general weight lifting as time goes on.

Finding a Doctor

To get the best treatment, it’s crucial to find a doctor who understands your situation. Some medical professionals are quick to dismiss patient claims that their issues could be related to hormonal balances. For instance, a woman in her late 20s could have lower estrogen than normal.

Her doctor may neglect to run sufficient tests while saying, “You’re too young to have anything wrong with your hormones.” When searching for someone to work with, consider their past reputation.

This provides valuable insight into what you can expect. You should also ensure they concentrate on this area of medicine.

Some doctors might claim they can help with your issue but don’t have the required knowledge. You should make sure you feel comfortable with them, as well. This plays a large role in the results you’ll give.

If you don’t feel at ease when speaking with your doctor, you’ll be less likely to talk about your issues. This could lead to insufficient treatment.

Get Started ASAP

Losing weight is often much easier when your hormones are at the appropriate levels. You’ll need to choose the best HRT for weight loss to achieve this. The tips in this guide will ensure you make the best decision for your needs.

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