You may have heard people talking more about dermal fillers lately. They are becoming very popular these days.

This is likely because one-third of adults feel insecure about their body image. 

We want everyone to feel confident, so we put this article together. Below you’re going to find out the answer to “How long do dermal fillers last?” and much more. Read on! 

Determining Factors

The longevity of your dermal filler is dependent on a number of different factors. Everyone’s experience is slightly different.

It’s important to keep that in mind as you go through the process. What worked for your friends may not work for you, and vice versa.

Everyone’s body responds differently to dermal filler. Your age, genetics, and overall health can influence how fast the filler breaks down. 

Treatment Area

The area that the dermal fillers are injected into will affect how long they last. Dermal fillers in sites with more movement won’t last as long.

For example, the lips move more than the cheeks and the chin. Therefore, the fillers will last longer in the cheeks and the chin. 

Your Metabolism

Did you know your metabolism can affect how long your dermal fillers are? If you have a faster metabolism, your fillers may not last as long as someone who has a slower one. 

Types of Dermal Fillers

There are a number of different dermal fillers that you can choose from. Hyaluronic acid injections are one of the most popular.

The substance is naturally found in the body. It’s considered to be very versatile and is typically used to add volume and smooth out wrinkles on the face.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite is another type of filler and it stimulates collagen production in the body.

You will see immediate and long-term results from this type of filler. Similar to hyaluronic acid fillers, it can improve your skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reverse facial volume loss. 


A common question we often asked is “How long do dermal fillers last in the cheeks?”. As we briefly mentioned before, dermal fillers in the cheeks tend to last longer than in other areas. 

 This is due to the relatively less movement, which results in a slower breakdown of the filler. You can expect cheek filler to last between six months and two years. 

It’s important that you don’t overfill your cheekbones with filler. If your technician advises you to stop getting it, be sure to listen. The last thing you want is for your face to look distorted, which can happen.


Dermal filler in the jaw can make your face more define and sculpted. It will also give you a more contoured appearance. t can also help balance your facial features as well.

Typically, the filler that’s been injecting the jawline will last between six and 18 months. Aging can have a large effect on the definition of your jawline.

Dermal filler can provide a lifting effect without having to go in for surgery, which is another reason why so many people invest in it. 


Chin filler is very similar to jawline dermal fillers. It will last about 18 months. This is another area where you should avoid overfilling. Your chin can become elongated or even look pointy if you add too much. 


The area under the high is very delicate. Using filler in that area can drastically change your appearance. If you have heavy bags or wrinkles, dermal fillers can be a huge game changer.

We have had patients receive dermal fillers under the eyes who have seen results for up to two years. 

Maintenance and Follow Up

While we may wish dermal fillers lasted forever, they don’t. In order to keep your skin and face looking the way you want, you’ll have to continue to get treatments.

Regular touch-ups will help you keep the results you want. You should also listen to the advice of your technician. There may be certain activities that you need to avoid to ensure your fillers last as long as possible. 

For the next two weeks, after your fillers are injected, don’t get any facials or microdermabrasion. These could cause the filler to migrate. 

You should also avoid putting on goggles or glasses for the days following your appointment. 

What to Look For

When you’re looking for a med spa to get your filler, you must do your research.

You only want the best, especially when you’re dealing with your face and your appearance. Scheduling your appointments with a company that you trust will make the process a lot smoother and easier.

Always have a consultation appointment first and talk to your provider about your concerns and insecurities. This will give you a chance to see their facility and get comfortable with them before getting injected. 

There are a few things you should be on the lookout for. The med spa should be clean and organized. The staff that you interact with should be communicative and friendly.

You’ve probably heard it before, but reading online reviews can be very helpful. Your provider may also be able to show you real patients’ dermal fillers before and after results, which can help ease your mind. 

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

Since there are a lot of contributing factors that determine the answer to “How long do dermal fillers last?” it’s important to talk to a professional. 

Our staff will be able to give you a personalized and more specific answer. We will also be able to cultivate a game plan with you to target the areas you want to get filler in. 

Our contact information is listed here, so give us a call and we will get you set up with an appointment.