• Diminishes Frown Lines and Other Wrinkles

• Doesn’t Contain Any Human or Animal Byproducts

• Can Last Longer than Other Neurotoxin Injections

• No Downtime Required After Treatment


If tox injections are a part of your beauty regimen, then you’re already well aware of the typical timeframe of three to four months for results. But guess what…there’s a new tox on the market that’s showing results that can last anywhere from six to nine months in some cases! It’s called DAXXIFY®, and we’ve got it here at Culture! DAXXIFY is the first and only FDA-approved, peptide-formulated neurotoxin with often lasting results for treating moderate to severe frown lines and other wrinkles.

How does DAXXIFY work?

Just as with other toxin injections, DAXXIFY (daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm) is injected into the area of concern and goes to work by temporarily blocking specific muscle contractions that cause frown lines and other wrinkles to form in the first place. DAXXIFY’s purified protein, botulinum toxin type A, effectively relaxes those muscles for up to six to nine months in some cases, which can mean less maintenance treatments per year.

How is DAXXIFY different from other neurotoxins?

DAXXIFY is the only skin-smoothing tox treatment powered by a peptide that doesn’t contain human or animal byproducts. All other neurotoxins require a special ingredient to stabilize the botulinum toxin A, which is the protein responsible for nixing those pesky lines. That special ingredient is either human or animal byproducts used as stabilizers, but DAXXIFY uses the novel peptide instead. That, along with the obvious benefit of the potential for longer-lasting results, is what puts DAXXIFY in a class of its own.

Who is a candidate for DAXXIFY in Knoxville and East Tennessee?

DAXXIFY can offer a great option for almost anyone looking to smooth away frown lines and other wrinkles for a longer period of time in comparison to other tox injections. In general, DAXXIFY has proven to be effective for adults of various ages and skin types. If the thought of enjoying a more youthful appearance for longer piques your interest, then reach out to us to find out if this revolutionary treatment option is right for you.

Are there any side effects with DAXXIFY?

While no serious side effects have been reported in clinical studies, common side effects associated with DAXXIFY include the possibility of swelling, redness, bruising, or tenderness around the injection site, which are common possibilities for all tox injections. These effects are typically mild and resolve on their own in only few hours or days. Most patients feel comfortable getting back to their normal activities once their injections are done.

And it must be said that even though it’s one of the latest treatments to hit market and become FDA approved, DAXXIFY has been rigorously tested in one of the largest-ever clinical studies which included more than 2,800 people of different ages and skin types. Through that study, 96% of people stated they were happy with their results.

When can I expect results from DAXXIFY?

Some patients report seeing results as early as within a couple days. Typically, however, optimal results take place in about two weeks following treatment. And the best part is that those youthful results can last up to six months on average…even up to nine months in some cases!

Here’s what the numbers are saying: At least 50% of patients in clinical studies still had visible improvement six months after treatment, with 3% and 5% of patients still experiencing results nine months after treatment. All in all, you may only need two treatments per year to maintain results!

What’s my next step to trying DAXXIFY in Knoxville?

Consider Culture your one-stop-shop for anti-aging marvels like DAXXIFY as well as other popular treatment options available. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at (865) 500-0101 or click here to set up a consultation. We’ll go over every detail of this innovative treatment option and help you determine if it’s right for you.