5 Neurotoxin Questions to Ask Your Injector

Neurotoxin injections remain a popular beauty option for people looking to dip their toe into the fountain of youth. But if it’s your first time considering neurotoxin injections in Knoxville, you undoubtedly have some questions before you’re ready to be on the business end of the syringe. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions from first-time tox recipients to help you have a better idea of what to expect when you’re ready to try injections for yourself.

1. How do neurotoxins work exactly?

Lines and wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising your eyebrows over time. As the natural aging process takes hold, the skin simply doesn’t bounce back as it used to, leaving lasting wrinkles even when expressions aren’t being made. Neurotoxins, such as BOTOX® and Dysport®, are injected into the specific muscles that cause creases in the skin and temporarily halt the nerve responses that cause these muscles to contract. As the muscles in the treatment area are effectively relaxed, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced or eliminated, providing you with a welcomed smoother appearance.

2. Are neurotoxin injections right for me?

If you’re an adult in generally good health and tired of frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, or other wrinkles staring back at you in the mirror, neurotoxins may be your ticket to the smoother, more youthful look you crave. Neurotoxin patients range in age from their 20s to 70s and elect treatment for a number of personal reasons. Whatever your reasoning for considering treatment with neurotoxins in Knoxville and East Tennessee, Culture Aesthetics & Wellness in Farragut is your one-stop-shop for this popular treatment option as well as much more!

3. Do neurotoxin injections hurt?

While any type of injection can involve some discomfort, the needles used for administering neurotoxins are very fine to help ensure there is very little pain (if any). Any level of discomfort may also depend on where the injections are being administered. Injections around the eyes and lips, in particular, tend to be slightly more uncomfortable than ones in the forehead or between the eyebrows where skin is thicker. Overall, any pain associated with neurotoxin injections are generally considered mild and tolerated well by most patients.

4. Are there any risks involved with neurotoxin injections?

Neurotoxin injections are generally considered safe for most people, but they do come with the potential for some risks. These may include:

  • Bruising or swelling at the injection site
  • Redness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Temporary facial drooping

The most important factor in helping prevent these or other unwanted effects is to make sure you select an experienced, reputable injector to administer your neurotoxin treatment. The master injectors at Culture Aesthetics & Wellness have all the experience and skill to make sure your first neurotoxin treatment becomes your new favorite beauty go-to for years to come.

5. How long before I see results from neurotoxin injections and how long do they last?

Generally, you should notice lines and wrinkles in the treatment area begin to soften in about 2-3 days following injections. Optimal results could take 2 weeks up to 30 days to be experienced. Those skin-smoothing results typically stick around anywhere from 3-5 months in many cases.

Experience neurotoxin injections in Knoxville for yourself at Culture! Now that you have a better understanding of neurotoxins and what to expect, perhaps you’re ready to make them your new beauty secret. If so, our knowledgeable neurotoxin experts at Culture are standing by ready to share all the details of these popular aesthetic treatments and help you decide if they’re right for you. Give us a call today at (865) 500-0101 or click here to schedule your appointment online.